2020+ GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado Cab Lights


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Upgrade the exterior of your 2020 and newer GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado with our high-quality custom cab lights. Whether you're seeking enhanced visibility or a stylish addition to your truck, these cab lights are the perfect solution.
Key Features:
  1. Amber or White LEDs:

    • Choose the lighting that suits your style. Our cab lights are available with both amber and white LEDs, allowing you to customize the look of your truck to your preference.
  2. Color Matching Option:

    • Make your cab lights seamlessly blend with the color scheme of your vehicle. We offer the option to color match the cab lights to your GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado, ensuring a cohesive and polished appearance.
  3. Easy Installation:

    • Our custom cab lights are designed for a hassle-free installation. Upgrade your truck's exterior without the need for complicated modifications. 
  4. Durable Construction:

    • Built to withstand the elements, these cab lights feature durable construction to ensure longevity. Whether facing rain, snow, or sunlight, your cab lights will maintain their performance and appearance.
Enjoy peace of mind with our 3-year warranty. We stand behind the quality of our cab lights, providing assurance and support for your investment.
Upgrade Your Truck's Aesthetics:
Transform the look of your 2020+ GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado with our custom cab lights. Whether you prioritize style or functionality, these lights offer a versatile solution. Choose between amber or white LEDs, and take advantage of the color-matching option for a truly personalized touch. Illuminate your presence on the road with a distinctive upgrade.
Upgrade today and experience the difference!